About Us


Vaasthu relates to the direction of the land, its geography, topography, nature, strength, the form and size of the building, soil and environment. Our architectural designs and constructions are undertaken in such a way that they comply with vaasthu requirements. Our apartments and villas ensure sufficient natural light in all divisions, blowing of sufficient natural fresh air in and out of the apartments and villas, pure water for drinking, cooking and other living purposes for comfortable living. The construction methodology adopted by us ensures concentration of energy by way of using positive construction materials. Compliance of Vaasthu requirements are inevitable to optimize the generation of positive energy around human beings and wipe out negative energy. It can prove to be very difficult to check vaasthu for multi storeyed apartments, however, we at Samson and Sons Builders & Developers (P) Ltd. have a special team of experts in this field and based on their suggestions and ideas, our apartments and villas have been constructed in compliance with Vaasthushastra.